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Firebase V9 Firestore DELETE Document Using deleteDoc()

Last modified on September 19th, 2022
Raja Tamil
Firebase Javascript

Learn how to delete a document from a collection in Firebase version 9 Cloud Firestore using the deleteDoc() method.

Here is the sample document from the cities collection in Cloud Firestore Database that I want to delete.

First, import Firestore Database and de-structure the three methods we need:

  • getFirestore()
  • doc()
  • deleteDoc()
import { getFirestore, doc, deleteDoc } from "firebase/firestore";

Initialize Firestore Database and assign it to the constant db.

const db = getFirestore();

The deleteDoc() method takes one method as an argument to perform the delete operation which is

  • doc()

The doc() method takes three arguments which are:

  • database → db
  • collection name → cities
  • document ID → yftq9RGp4jWNSyBZ1D6L (ID of a document – see screenshot above)

Call the doc() method and pass references of database, collection name and ID of a document that we want to delete.

Assign it to a constant called docRef.

Let’s make a deleteDoc() query to perform deleting a document from a cities collection in Cloud Firestore.

import {getFirestore, doc, deleteDoc} from "firebase/firestore";

const db = getFirestore();

const docRef = doc(db, "cities", "yftq9RGp4jWNSyBZ1D6L");

.then(() => {
    console.log("Entire Document has been deleted successfully.")
.catch(error => {

When you delete the last document of a collection, the collection itself will be deleted.