jQuery is one of the most popular javascript libraries being used. jQuery is also the most extendable, proved by the fact that you can find jQuery plugins for almost any task out there. The power, the wide range of plugins and the beautiful syntax is what makes jQuery such a great framework. Actually, it is easier to learn javascript through jQuery as it tries to simplify a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript.


Basic computer skills are required to take this course.


  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Working with jQuery Syntax
  • Working with Javascript Loops and Array
  • Working with Javascript Objects
  • Working with DOM Selectors
  • Working with jQuery Events
  • Working with jQuery Effects such as Animation
  • Working with Combination of jQuery
  • HTML and CSS
  • Working with JSON

Time & Duration

Regular: 2 hours/week for 3 months

Fast-track: 6 hours/week for 1 month

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • Be able to add any behaviour to build more interactive web pages.
  • Learn how to manipulate and present data the way you want to on the web page.
  • Be prepared to add simple jQuery animation with your elements.
  • Have a good knowledge about how javascript array/objects/loops work.
  • Have front-end development skills.


We provide a certificate upon completion of this course.