iOS Development


The iOS Development course is designed to provide you with the skills you need to build stunning apps or games for iOS platform. You will be using Apple's latest Swift Language targeting various iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. You will learn the core iOS APIs using Xcode IDE. You could be a

  • Mobile Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Swift Developer
  • iOS Software Developer

Current Job Market

There are a lot of jobs in the iOS Development Field. Click the link to see the job posts from iOS Developer Jobs at Naukri. Students who successfully complete the course will have some assistance with finding a job.


Basic programming skills are required to take this course. If you have any experience with programming concepts (such as variables, loops, and data structures), you will have no problem being successful in this course. If you have done any kind of programming, your previous exposure will help you to move through this course quickly.


  • Introduction to Xcode IDE
  • Introduction to Swift 3.0 and Language Features
  • Storyboarding the app
  • Object-oriented with Swift using MVC pattern
  • AutoLayout and UITableView
  • Maps and Geolocations
  • Working with External Cloud APIs and GCD
  • CoreData and how to publish app to App Store
  • Building a simple game with spriteKit

Time & Duration

Regular: 4 hours/week for 3 months

Fast-track: 6 hours/week for 2 months

Learning Outcomes

You will

  • have two sample iOS apps ready to show for an interview.
  • acquire a deeper knowledge about how the iOS ecosystem works.
  • understand UI foundations.
  • understand UIKit frameworks.
  • be knowledgeable about best practices and the do's and dont's of building any project.
  • have the skills to build an app with UITableView.
  • learn how AutoLayout works and how the app can resize automatically regardless of the device size.
  • be able to connect to an external server and store data to the device using OOP/MVC and GCD.


We provide a certificate upon completion of this course.