Reading and Listening


Reading and listening are essential skills needed to communicate in an English environment. We teach in a practical manner that will help you to focus and quickly acquire these skills over a period of time. We utilize our own research and IELTS based curriculum.


Very basic understanding of English and completion of Level 1 - Writing


  • Absorb and Comprehend when Reading and Listening
  • Identify Factual Information from Print and Oral Materials
  • Infer Meaning from Print and Oral Materials
  • IELTS Reading and Listening Tips and Tricks

Time & Duration

Regular: 2 hours/week for 6 months

Fast-track: 4 hours/week for 3 months

Learning Outcomes

You will

  • Understand English documents such as legal - medical - financial.
  • Comprehend what people are saying during presentations such as educational lectures and YouTube videos.