5 Tips to Help You Learn English Easier


There is no quick method to learning English, however, these five tips will make things a little easier. As a native English speaker, I can tell you that English is a weird language and there are going to be times when things do not make sense. Accept that you will have to practice a lot and try to think of ways that you can be exposed to the language as much as possible. I have identified five tips that I feel will help you to learn English easier:


1. Talking to Native English Speaker

Talk with a Native English Speaker as much as possible. If there is no access to a native speaker, talk to anyone that speaks English. Once you start to speak English you need to keep using it or you will slowly forget what you have learned. If you are interested in speaking with a native speaker, you can access one as part of the English course provided by SoftAuthor, either individually or through a group session.

2. Read Children Books and Watch Cartoons

Read English books that use easier words such as children’s books. If you are reading and do not understand completely – try to pick out words that you know and guess what it might be. You can also watch cartoons in English as they will also use common words and phrases that will be easier to understand.

3. Memorize Common Phrases 

Rather than translate word for word from your language, learn common phrases so you will be prepared to respond more quickly. By being prepared to respond to others you will feel more confident and better able to interact with people when speaking English.

4. Comprehension

Write your thoughts down on paper in English. It is ok that it is not perfect as the practice will help you to improve. If you feel more comfortable writing in your own language first -do that– and then translate what you wrote into English.

5. Pronunciation is More Important Than Accent

Don’t be concerned about speaking with an accent, instead, focus on what you are saying and pronouncing words properly. Use a dictionary app on your phone so that you will have instant access to definitions for words you do not know and expand your vocabulary at the same time.


My final bonus tip is to make your learning process fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes :).  Feel free to check out our online English Training Courses course. Contact us for one FREE virtual online class from Anywhere.


Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!


About the author
Jennifer Inwood

Jennifer has been teaching to people in non-English speaking countries like India and China for the past few years, helping them to become more proficient at English. Using the technology of virtual classes, she is currently teaching English courses at SoftAuthor. She finds teaching English rewarding as she enjoys assisting people to improve their lives and empowering them through their learning.

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