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SoftAuthor provides online training courses for North America and India.
We teach you the best way possible with the cutting edge skills as technology is changing forever.


Train for the Job Market

We focus our curriculum to teach the contemporary skills that are most requested by employers. The courses are updated every year based on the technology being adopted by both big and small companies.

100% Placement Assistance

We provide complete assistance to all our successful students to find the most suitable job opportunities as per their course, skills, talents, and interests.

Affordable and Accessible

You can enroll in individual courses at a level that best matches your current skill set. There is no huge financial requirement or time commitment. Courses are available online or in-class on the weekends which makes it easier for you to get the skills you need while studying or working.

Project Based Curriculum

We strongly believe that the best way to learn anything is by doing. You will learn critical tools and troubleshooting knowledge by completing projects from scratch.

Independent or Group Classes

We offer individual, grouped and corporate training in two ways - online and in-class.* (only available in specific location)

Life Long Learning

We will teach you how to teach yourself as it's a very important skill to have in order to be successful, especially in the technology field. In order to adopt and analyze future technology, you will need to be constantly learning the new technologies.


Technology is an ever-changing industry. We are committed to bringing the advanced cutting-edge technology to you by educating with the global market standard in mind.


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Vijendran Dharmaraj
I have completed BE but didn't get a job. After the degree, I have studied web development course in softAuthor. Now I got a job in reputed company. They also give internship If you studied well.So, Don't waste your money and time at another institute. Learn code in softAuthor Be Job Ready for you.
Geoff Mayne
The SoftAuthor class was a first to me, but the lessons were clear and involved. I feel that I learned a good foundation to HTML and CSS, and hopefully this leads to coding more in the future. It feels much less intimidating now. Raja was able to maintain a good pace and each class flew by.
Mark Lamothe
The hands-on approach to developing responsive websites were both illuminating and helpful for understanding the backbone of modern web applications.  I look forward to developing a personal portfolio in place of using for-pay portfolio content management alternatives! Everyone needs to know code in order to survive in the ever-changing online landscape, especially entrepreneurs.